A bibliography of lute music from c.1815 to today


After a break of several years updating is now finally happening. 5 September 2014

I will now be updatting this site daily. Apologies for neglecting this site for the past few years. The first thing I am doing is going through messages and emails I have received from composers adding their information to the site.

Welcome to the Modern (post 1815) and Contemporary Lute Music Website.

The goal of this site to list every piece written for the western lute after 1815.  It is to help lute players find modern and contemporary music to play on their lute. I use both terms - modern (for the purposes of this site) is post 1815 and into the 20th century etc and Contemporary is what is being written today.

This is an ambitious project and the listing will always be incomplete, so if you know of music for lute that should be included please fill in the Contact Form and it will be added in the next update. The best way to ensure your works are listed quickly is to send me a list of the titles with what type of lute it/they are written for - e.g. 7 Course Renaissance Lute, 10 Course Renaissance Lute, 11 Course Baroque Lute, Archlute, Theorbo etc etc.

I hope you find this site interesting and useful. 

Susan King


The lute of the medieval troubadours, renaissance humanists and baroque courts is alive and well today and enjoying a revival amongst players of all ages.

Many composers have written for the lute since it's supposed demise in c.1815 and the aim of this website is to provide as complete a list as possible of this music.

You will find everything from jazz, 12 tone, classical, pop as well as a nod to renaissance and baroque musical styles. 

We will provide you with as much information about each piece as we can gather, including details of where to find the music. Where this is not provided it means that we do not have this information ourselves.

A section listing recordings will be added at some stage but our first concern is to get as many pieces listed as possible.

This site was begun using a list of works gathered by Lynda Sayce over a period of many years as the basis. Works are continually being added to this original list through internet searching and information coming in via the online contact form for this site.

As of the 5 September 2014 this site lists 212 works - some are individual pieces while others are entire suites or books.

When logging on to this site please clear your cache of older versions of this site or you may not see the latest additions.



How to Use this Site.


  • At present all entries are listed alphabetically by composer name.


Where the type of lute has not been specified in the title or composer's notes we have assumed a Renaissance Lute in G is the instrument required


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