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OYENS, Terra de Marez

  1. Coloured Songs                         

Further information: Dutch Lute Soc


POTTER, Rick   

  1. Songs for Soprano and Lute, (1995).                                                                     

Further information:
Scottish Music Centre 1995


PREY, Claude       

  1. Jeu de l'oie , le (1970) pour 6 choristes, 1 gymnaste, et 7 instrumentistes - org.élec. - harmonium - mandoline - luth - cordes Salabert - réf. 5178 (L)

Further information:

Publisher - Durand-Salabert-Eschig


REBOURS, Gérard  

  1. La Dumont (1998)

Personal website


REVERDY, Michèle 

  1. Gémeaux (1993) pour 2 violoncelles soli et orchestre - 4 perc. - cymb - clavecin - gt baroque - luth baroque - luth renaissance - cordes Salabert - réf. 4446 (S)

Personal website

Publisher - Durand-Salabert-Eschig


RIDOUT, A      

  1. Suite for lute in 4 Movements       

Further information:
: Lute Soc editions 1970


ROSAZ, Jean-Christophe  

  1. Moon Man from the book of Tomi Ungerer (for children's voices and 7 old instruments)

Composer's website:


SANDBERG, Lars                          

  1. Five White Pieces (Fem vita stycken) 1995

Further information: Swedish Music Information Centre


SATOH, T        

  1. Alice  1985      
  2. Impromptu Elegiac

Further information:
Tree ed


SCHEDLE, Gerhard                       

  1. Quasi una fantasia                      

Further information:
Doblinger 1990


SKEMPTON, Howard                     

  1. Par la Bande    
  2. Lamentations

Further information:


STOKER, R      

  1. Dance Movements                       

Further information:
: Brunton ed



  1. Ring               

Further information:
: Salabert ed


TATE, P           

  1. Songs of Sundrie Kindes              

Further information:


TUROVSKY-SAVCHUK, Roman          

Please visit the composer's website for PDFs or information on his over 1,100 compositions for lute. At present it is beyond our capacity to list them all here but the composer's website gives a full listing. Turovsky also writes under various pseudonyms - Sautscheck, with various christian names - Joachim Peter,Johann Joachim, and Konradin Aemilius. Other pseudonyms are "Ioannes Leopolita" and "Jacobus Olevsiensis".

Composer's Website:



  1. 4 Pieces for Renaissance Lute      
  2. Pieces de Luth 

Further information:
French Lute Society


VOORVELT, Martijn         

  1. Shakespeare Assembly Kit for soprano and renaissance lute (2002)

Personal website


WALKER, Gwyneth                       

  1. Four Pieces for Lute                     

Further information: Download


WALLACE, Frank                          

  1. Woman of the Water
  2. After Sylvius    
  3. Fantasia          
  4. Una luz santa  

Further information:
 Contact Us for details


WEBER, Alain   

  1. Aquateintes     

Further information: French Lute Society


WEINMAN, Matthew                      

  1. The Euphonious Lute

Further information: My space page



  1. Suite in 8 movements - solo lute (Published by The UK Lute Society)
  2. Suite No 2 Variations and Fugue on an original theme - solo lute (Published by The UK Lute Society)
  3. Tombeau pour Monsieur Reinhardt - solo lute(Published by The UK Lute Society)
  4. 3 Jazz Sketches - solo lute (Published by The UK Lute Society)
  5. Metamorphosis on a Galliard of John Dowland - solo lute (available from the composer)
  6. Epigrams - solo lute (available from the composer)
  7. Five Fugues - solo lute (available from the composer)
  8. Lutecosmos: A Method for Renaissance Lute in 6 books - solo lute (available from the composer) 
  9. Chasing Shadows: Seven easy pieces (lute duo) (Published by The UK Lute Society)
  10. Three for Two: for lute and renaissance flute (Published by The UK Lute Society)
  11. 3 Dialogues for lute and treble viol (Published by The UK Lute Society)
  12. The Complete Shakespeare Songs in five books (bk.1  Sigh again Shakespeare (Published by The UK Lute Society)/ bk.2  A New Varietie of Shakespeare Songs (Published by The UK Lute Society) / bk.3  O Mistress Mine (Published by The UK Lute Society)/ bk.4  Orpheus with his Lute (available from the composer)/ bk.5  Love, love, nothing but love (available from the composer)
  13. A Chinese Lachrimae (a song cycle) (Published by The UK Lute Society)
  14. Claire de Lune (a song cycle in French with poems by Paul Verlaine) (Published by The UK Lute Society)
  15. Melodies pour Colette (a song cycle in French, various poets) (Published by the Société Francaise de Luth) 
  16. Three Lyric Poems of Torquato Tasso (in Italian) (Published by The UK Lute Society)
  17. Five Medieval Carols on Medieval texts (Published by The UK Lute Society)
  18. Valse Melancolique (a song cycle in French, various poets) (available from the composer)
  19. Sister Awake (a song cycle, various poems by women)
  20. Songs from the Sanskrit (a song cycle) (available from the composer)
  21. Hommage to Caccini (three dramatic monodies, poems by Thomas Hardy) (available from the composer)

Further information:

Composer email: lutewright(at)

Publishers: UK Lute Society / French Lute Society








































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